Ashley MacGarvie

 Pregnancy & Postpartum Certified Personal Trainer

Ashley is our pregnancy & postpartum certified personal trainer that focuses on pelvic floor strengthening and repair. Her goal is to help new moms in all stages to feel strong, confident and prepared for future pregnancies. After pregnancy and the birth of her son, Ashley saw a gap in the information being relayed to new moms on how to prepare and recover their bodies. She decided that this was her chance to train, study and learn on how to help other mothers feel supported, healthy and prepared during pregnancy and postpartum. Knowing how unpredictable and time sensitive our schedules are as mothers, Ashley’s flexibility and precision helps women tackle their goals, while also balancing motherhood. Ashley also focuses on increasing hip mobility and overall flexibility so you can continue to keep up with your children and also prepare your body for future pregnancies! She continues to expand her education in both pelvic floor strengthening and pregnancy/postpartum yoga, with the goal to wholeheartedly help her clients be their best!



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