1-on-1 Virtual Training

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Virtual 1-on-1 Personal Training allows you to train with one of our top coaches from wherever you are in the world.

Whether you’re training in your living room, a garage gym, or a condo gym, you’ll be able to benefit from the expertise, accountability and motivation that comes with having your own coach.

Whether your goal is to elevate your overall fitness, gain strength, drop body fat, gain lean muscle, or simply move better, one-on-one coaching is the absolute fastest way to get there.

What’s included:

  • Online fitness consultation with one of our trainers. 
  • 55 minutes or 25 minutes workout via zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp.
  • Individualized training programs to do on your own, exercise demos, workout logs, etc. Through our online Training App.
  • Multi-phase meal plan and nutritional guidance.
  • Unlimited communication and support.

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Return and Refund Policy: Any package or session will expire 6 months after purchase. 24 hour cancellation policy applies.