Fresh Rice Paper Rolls


In need of a light, refreshing snack/meal? Well We got an easy recipe for you! These Vietnamese rice paper rolls are filled with yummy ingredients that you can customize and enjoy any day!


(recommended but you can add your own ingredients)
✔️rice paper wraps
✔️purple cabbage
✔️protein(shrimp, tofu, chicken, beef)
✔️rice noodles


🔥 Get a pan and fill it with water (enough to place the rice paper rolls and soak them evenly)
🔥 Thinly slice all veggies
🔥 Cook rice noodles and desired protein


1️⃣ place rice paper in water until it is evenly covered with water and quickly pull it out and place on a clean plate
2️⃣ wait a couple seconds for the rice paper to become mailable and sticky
3️⃣ place all thinly sliced veggies,
protein and noodles onto one side of the paper
4️⃣ tuck in the sides of the rice paper and roll the ingredients in like a wrap
5️⃣ dip into recommended peanut sauce and enjoy!