Caprese Sandwich


In need of an easy but delicious lunch recipe? This caprese sandwich is an easy but scrumptious way to switch up boring lunches! 🍽


✔️ ciabatta bread (or any thicker bread of your choice)
✔️ 4 slices of fresh mozzarella
✔️ 1 TBSP of pesto
✔️2 tomato slices
✔️Handful of arugula
✔️Chicken (if you wanted to add protein)
✔️Olive oil, salt and cracked pepper



1️⃣ spread pesto onto toasted ciabatta bun
2️⃣ layer tomato and mozzarella
3️⃣ drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper
4️⃣ add arugula and diced chicken
5️⃣ ENJOY 😊