Bahn Mi Sandwich


Let’s try a Vietnamese take on your traditional sandwich! These are so addicting and I promise this will be a new recipe to add to your weekly recipes! 🔥🔥🔥


✔️Handful of cilantro
✔️BBQ Pork
✔️Shaved carrots
✔️Slices of cucumber
✔️Sesame seeds

HOW TO :💪💪💪

🍖BBQ Pork: Marinade pork with teriyaki for a few hours
🥕Veggies: Add carrots and radishes into a bowl with rice vinegar (slightly coating everything) and let sit for a few hours
🥖Hallow out the bun to fit more toppings
2️⃣ Add all ingredients into the hallowed out bun and garnish with lots of cilantro!